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About project

Liberty Academy is a project aimed to popularize liberty approach in horsemanship as a way to build a strong human-horse connection based on mutual trust and respect. The platform gives teachers of liberty horsemanship opportunity to share their approach, announce events and post articles.

What is liberty training?

Liberty (horsemanship) is a type of horse training approach based on positive reinforcement and horse's freedom of choice. The goal of liberty training is to establish a friendly connection between human and horse.

I'm a teacher, how can I join?

If you are skilled in liberty horsemanship, you may join the community of teachers.
A teacher at Liberty Academy

  • always puts horse's health and needs first before training schedules
  • never uses physical punishment, nor he/she uses ammunition (in the way) that causes pain
  • gives the horse freedom of choice during training, e.g. the horse chooses to be by person's side

Profiles, events or articles with content contradictory to principles of liberty horsemanship will be deleted without their authors being notified.